Why Finance Minister wanted to hug this ALLEN girl? To know more - Watch the video

While answering the question, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sarcastically responded to a male student who interrupted her and said she would have given a huge hug to the girl if she was near her.

Why Finance Minister wanted to hug this ALLEN girl? To know more - Watch the video
Nirmala Sitharaman's encouraging words to a student has gone viral.

 In an interaction with students in Rajasthan's Kota, Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman won people's hearts when she said she would have hugged a girl student who spoke about lacking confidence and dealing with various "ups and downs”. Sitharaman was at Kota to interact with students at 'Yuva Shakti Samvad' during her day-long visit. She was accompanied by Speaker Om Birla. A video of Sitharaman’s wise words has now gone viral on Twitter.

A medical student named Apala Mishra raised concern over her inner turmoil while dealing with ups and downs and lacking confidence. As a heartwarming response, Sitharaman said she would have hugged the girl if she had been nearby, and she also triggered laughter as she sarcastically addressed the male student who interrupted her.

The girl is heard stating, "Since I came here, there have been many ups and downs," in the clip posted via Sitharaman's official Twitter account. When confidence decreases significantly, issues arise. Sitharaman encouraged her by pointing out that, in comparison to other people, she was able to get up and say that. She was also told by the minister that she didn't need to be tense.

"You shouldn't be, no. You should to be the last person in this place to be tense. I don't mean to make fun of anyone, but when Apala said that she saw this as a challenge, how many of us felt? At least she asked. You are aware of the ups and downs, which is one-half of the bridge. I'm telling you the truth, Sithraman said. The medical student heard her comments and started crying.

Sitharaman continued, "If I were closer to you right now, I would have given you a great hug. Let's be clear that there will always be ups and downs in life.

When a boy interrupted her and asked a question, the minister immediately referenced "the typical boy mentality." She told boys not to act like the situation is "so girlie, girly," which made everyone laugh.

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Hey boys, you don't want answers, she is heard saying. Hey, hold on a moment. Even if I haven't finished my response to Apala, you all should pay attention to it. You don’t pretend you don’t have ups and downs. 

The typical boy mentality, know?

I don’t have any of these, this is so girly, girly. And it is they who have ups and downs who pretend- oh, no, you know? None of that. The answer that has been given to Apala is more for the boys,” she added.

The minister encouraged the girl to motivate herself and expressed gratitude for realizing what had been bringing her down while also increasing her confidence. Sitharaman took part in a credit outreach programme on Sunday during her one-day visit to Kota, and the clip was from ‘Yuva Shakti Samvad’.

Sitharaman’s speech instigated many online. A user commented, “Very encouraging reply @nsitharaman Ma’am. … and what an example of “typical Boy’s mentality.” Another user wrote, “Excellent Mam @nsitharaman- very impactful message instilling that much needed confidence to Apala & many others.”