Must Try Street food in Kota - A Tempting Guide

When visiting this smart city, visitors are frequently perplexed by the wide range of cuisines available. The spicy, sour, ghee-dripping indigenous street food in this city is simply enticing. It is a cultural experience to savor the dishes here. Here’s a list of all-time favorite places which are pocket friendly too!

Must Try Street food in Kota - A Tempting Guide

1. China Town Food Corner 

As the name implies, this restaurant specialises in Chinese cuisine. They manage to provide burgers in an authentically Chinese way, as well as the standard mainstays of noodles and fried rice, in addition to appetisers like momos and spring rolls.

Must try: Fried/Steamed Momos, Manchurian Dry/Gravy
Location: Sheela Choudhary Rd, Opposite HDFC Bank, New Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, VIP Colony, Talwandi

2. Krishna Ke Sandwiches & Patties 

The tastiest sandwiches and patties in the city can be found at Krishna Sandwich. They're well-known and have built a reputation for delivering a wide range of delectable sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Must try: Krishna Special, Grilled double cheese sandwich, Chilly Garlic Cheese Paneer Patties
Location: 4-G-32, D.A.V. Road, Talwandi Sector B

3. Shambhu Mishthan Bhandar

Shambhu Misthan Bhandar's delectable and sweet Jalebi has a distinct flavour that comes from deep-frying it in pure Desi Ghee (clarified butter). Deep-fried batter of leavened fine wheat flour (Maida) in circular shapes in pure Desi Ghee (clarified butter) and coated in a sugary syrup (Chashani) yields a delectable dessert enjoyed with lukewarm milk, making it a healthy treat.

Must try: Dhoodh Jalebi
Location: Rampura Bazar, Rampur, Raghunath Chowk, Kota, Rajasthan, India

4. Bagdi Poha Centre

Did someone say yummy roadside poha? The Bagri Pohe is famous for its light, fat-free and fresh poha it serves every day along with staples like samosa, namkeen, tea and coffee. Poha with a cup of hot masala chai, a popular breakfast in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, is great for gratifying all your breakfast needs at Gumanpura in Kota.

Must try: Masala Poha
Location: 5VW3+5GC, Nayapura, Kota, Rajasthan 

5. Paaji Burger Center

Located in Mahaveer Nagar, Paji ke Burger in Kota is amongst the top picks of the locals to satiate cravings for mouth-watering burgers. This restaurant specializes in serving a range of tasty burgers made with the goodness of hand-picked toppings. The locals have developed a liking for its pocket-friendly and mouth-watering burgers. The burgers are generously sprinkled with a variety of toppings that make it a sheer delight to eat. Burgers are crispy and spicy in taste. Onions, tomatoes and other vegetables are sandwiched with a tikki inside the burger. The melted cheese is spread all-over which makes it more tantalizing. It is served hot with Ketchup.

Must try: Paaji Sp Burger, Paaji Cheese Burger, Paajis Aloo Tikki Burger
Location: Opposite Allen Sabal, Mahaveer Nagar Housing Board Colony, Mahaveer Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan

6. Panna Lal Pakode Wala

Panna Lal ke Pakode is a well-known store that has been around for about five decades. They have been serving quality spicy gobhi and aloo pakodies all these years without compromising the taste. These hot Pakaude are relished with the chutney made from green chilies, coriander leaves and salt. The delectable spicy gobhi and aloo masala pakode attain a distinct taste owing to the taste of asafetida (Heeng) in it.

Must try: Gobhi & Aloo Pokode
Location: Shop No. 2, Shopping Center, Chaupati Bazaar & Near Maharani School, Rampura

7. Shrinath Pavbhaji 

One of the city's oldest Pav Bhavi joints, delivering almost the same delectable taste as it did a decade ago. If you’re Pav Bhaji fanatic, you’ve got to be at this place. Nothing makes Sunday better than having the best pao bhaji with your mates.

Must try: Pav Bhaji, Veg Pulav
Location: Shop Number 4, Opera Hospital Road, Indra Vihar, Opposite Shiv Jyoti Convent School

8. Amar Chaat

Amar Chaat, a promising name for chaat in Kota, has been serving tantalising golgappas for many years. The joint is most preferred by foodies for its tangy & sweet water. One must also try their sweet, and spicy chaat served with curd and Sev Puri to fulfill your appetite.

Must try: Golpappa, Sweet & Spicy Chaat , Aloo Tikki
Location: Near Jodhpur Sweets, Gumanpura, Kota, Rajasthan